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  Programs of the Center of Excellence (CEHSAT):

  In order to achieve the objectives of the Center of Excellence, the following steps are taken into consideration and will be implemented:

  · To study and create theoretical groups for basic research projects

  · To participate in the programs of national leading plans in the area of development of advanced metallic materials, particularly in relation to the leading industries

  · To establish joint committees with transportation, aerospace, oil, and gas industries in order to identify current and future needs of industries and clarify the cooperation orientations

  · To activate connections with domestic and international scientific and research centers to do joint scientific cooperation

  · To define and implement projects of graduate studies based on the basic research projects

  · To collaborate with transportation, aerospace, and energy industries in monitoring the scientific and technological developments in the field of materials used in the mentioned industries

  · To perform short-term scientific courses in collaboration with national and international experts

  · To perform professional seminars in collaboration with national and international professionals

  · To collaborate with the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology to review educational courses and training programs in order to update programs and tailor them to the scientific developments in the world in the field of high strength alloys

  · To design and launch joint graduate programs with international universities and scientific centers to develop education and research in the area of advanced metallic materials

  · To provide software, scientific documents, and databases related to the Center’s objectives

  · To document research findings in the form of reports, papers and book publications

  · To commercialize research findings

  · To develop and equip current research laboratories to enhance research capabilities in the field of high strength alloys

  · To activate connection with related industries, define and implement required research and pilot projects

  · To perform joint seminars with related industries to promote scientific-industrial communication

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